Heartbleed Bug

A security flaw has been discovered that may potentially allow private and sensitive information to be viewed by unauthorized users through seemingly secure (https) websites.  This affects approximately two thirds of Internet Web Sites currently in use.  The scope of this issue is unprecedented.  The issue stems from a previously unknown programming flaw in OpenSSL - The technology used to secure internet communications between clients and servers.  The 'backdoor' allows hackers limitless access to private information contained on the affected servers.  A patch update has been introduced to address this issue.  If you own, or operate a website that utilizes https (SSL) please contact us for further information. 

It has also been discovered that this issue affects Routers, VPNs, Webcams, and Smart Phones and possibly any Internet connected device running OpenSSL versions 1.0.1 to 1.0.1f.   MTSI recommends a complete security audit to determine if you are at risk.

MTSI Secure Information Servers are NOT affected by this issue.