How do I (you) backup my (your) computer, server or database?

Backing up you computers, servers and databases is a vital and mandatory action that we recommend happens on a daily basis or even on a more regular basis. We often hear of many situations where small businesses ask their receptionists, clerks or interns to perform this sensitive task.  

Backup procedures we feel are still treated like a black box with no oversight and understanding. Furthermore, are you receiving reports validating the backups are 100% complete and are they tested to ensure the backup data integrity? Probably not...

Then you may say, that your receptionist, clerk or intern puts the backup drive in a purse or tote/laptop bag and takes it home with them. This too presents many scary realities; stolen laptops, misplaced personal items, disgruntled employees etc. What's worse is that the information that just left your office contains possibly every piece of Intellectual Property, financial data, and client confidential material you have.   Now think about if this is the best and most responsible way your company is backing up its data.

We ensure ALL our clients' data is backed up off-site to our secure data center. This ensures that there is distance between a potential failure. Why you ask? Well, think about where you are keeping your most critical and sensitive information. Are you leaving it at the office connected to a computer. If there is a devastating event such as fire, theft or flood, chances are your backup will be destroyed or stolen in the process.

Please call us at (647) 886-3160 and talk to us about your current processes and we will work together to implement improved and secure ways of backing your business up.