Management Team


Matthew, Founder & Chief Technology Officer

As a young boy, Matthew always had the need to know how things worked. Taking things apart, exploring their inner workings and then putting them all back together was his greatest joy. When he was 13 he received his first computer, and a new man was born.

For the next 25 years Matthew immersed himself in anything and everything computer and technology related. Starting his first tech-support business at only age 15, Matthew went on to advance his technical abilities by attending Ryerson University where he obtained a Bachelors of Commerce degree in the study of Information Technology Business Management. This area of knowledge rounded out his expertise, opening his eyes to how business truly depends on IT. Since then Matthew has applied his skills at some of Toronto's largest and finest Organizations. Now Matthew brings his knowledge and exposure of Enterprise systems, policies and procedures to the small and medium sized businesses; helping this important business group realize what can be possible when effectively using the right technology - without breaking the bank. 

Matthew is now on a steady course to leverage new ideas, implement new technologies and expand the offerings of Mackenzie Technology Solutions to his new and current clients.


Mandy, Director of Operations & Project Management Officer (PMO)

Driven. Organized. Focused. Mandy's existence in both life and business. 
If you want something done she's the one to have on your team! 

With a certification in Project Management, diverse industry experience (spanning from Legal to Fitness to Construction), and an energy level that has no 'low' setting, Mandy is the perfect partner to ensure everything is taken care of on time and on budget - all the while, crossing and dotting those 't's and 'i's.
Rest assure, nothing gets past this one.

But regardless of the project, client service is her top priority, and Mandy strives to pay close attention to every client need, helping them understand the value behind using their technology to build their business.


Liz, Process Improvement Specialist (LEAN)

As a young girl after receiving a transistor radio as a birthday present Liz took it apart so many times she started to lose its parts and pieces. She quickly learned how to pull things apart and put them back together like a puzzle. This lead to her ability to make things work better. Having this curious nature has lead her to study a great number of subjects in a variety of fields.

Liz started off her Post Secondary education in Biological Research Technology at Seneca College and Mechanical Drafting at Sheridan College.  Liz, has since obtained a Degree in Network Engineering at triOS College.

Liz has also obtained her LEAN - Green Belt Certification (Process Improvement Methodology) in Health Care, a Business Analyst Degree and formal IT Project Management training.

Prior to joining Mackenzie Technology Solutions Liz worked at CAMH for 11 years. She started off as an IT Help Desk Representative and then quickly moved to Incident and Problem Management, including Change Management. She then soon progressed to Process Improvement Management while supervising on site vendors like Getronics, IBM, Konica Minolta, and CompuCom.

With her vast past experiences as a meeting facilitator and leadership mentor, she is able to ask the right questions to get to the root of the issue.

Liz is able to solve impossible problems, streamlining while eliminating waste and putting ideas into perspective. This allows her to create simple and elegant solutions with added value and making achievable goals in the shortest and most efficient way possible. 


Catherine, Information Governance & Data Privacy Consultant

Catherine, is the Founder and CEO of IG Liaison Strategy & Business Consulting. She advises companies in the areas of AI and Blockchain, including Information Governance. 

Catherine was the Head of Information Governance Practice at Baker & McKenzie LLP – one of the largest global law firms. She was the first non-lawyer to lead the Information Governance Practice. Catherine has advised Fortune 500 companies on records management, privacy, cross-border data transfer, media/format, and related Information Governance issues.

What does Catherine believe? Data is driving digital transformation, and is the fuel for AI, Blockchain, IoT and machine learning. Data is also a new commodity of the digital economy, and is more valuable than ever. Understanding data compliance and implementing a compliant data management program must be treated as a top priority. 

Catherine completed an International Business Management program, and have a BSc (Computer Science) and MBA. She is a Certified Information Privacy Professional/Information Technology (CIPT).