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Asset Management involves gathering detailed information about your hardware and software inventory to make better decisions about further purchases and redistribution of assets. Through Asset management, we can help you to organize and manage your information systems more effectively, thereby promoting the use of existing resources and avoiding unnecessary purchases and wasted money. At the same time, we can perform a complete IT Audit that examines and evaluates your technology procedures, policies and operations. This will ensure that all systems are maintaining data integrity, operating effectively, and safeguarding sensitive company information, further preventing exposure to viruses and security threats.

Want to get the most out of your telecommunications network? Know your cabling!
Choosing the right type of cable, installing it correctly, and verifying it complies with required standards are key aspects to a proper network. Experienced in both Local and Wide Area Networks, as well as Telecommunications cabling, we can quickly and affordably install, organize, repair and service any cable wiring for infrastructure, networking, telecommunication, internet, servers, audio and video, satellite dishes and more.

Here's a little secret: The ‘Cloud’ or ‘Cloud Computing’ is just another word for the Internet. So when we talk about ‘CLOUD SERVICES’, we really mean all the programs and systems that you can utilize using the Internet to access and store information. Using the ‘Cloud' allows you to log into these programs from any location outside of your office; while on the road, on vacation or from your mobile device. Thus, freeing you to take your information anywhere! Some examples of cloud services we can set up for you include: MICROSOFT OFFICE 365, GOOGLE FOR BUSINESS, GOOGLE DRIVE, DROPBOX, and SALESFORCE.

There is nothing more frightening and frustrating than having your computer - or worse - your entire server crash in the middle of your work day. It’s a fact the technology we use breaks down, wears out and is vulnerable to power outages. We are specialists in recovering your data when these unfortunate events might happen. We are proud to say that we have never had a client lose any data after we implemented the correct backup solution. We can provide your business with varying levels of preventative measures to mitigate the risks of Computer and Server Crashes.

Even if you think that your computer is broken, important information may be stored inside on its Hard Disk Drive. That is why you should never throw away your computer without sanitizing its data: the process of scrubbing sensitive information from your hard drive. The next time you purchase a new computer or laptop, give your old equipment to us and we'll scrub it clean, using the most advanced Government approved methods of data sanitization, ensuring that all your important and sensitive business and client information never gets into the wrong hands. And while we're at it, we'll make sure that it is disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Call us today, before throwing it away!

Computers are personal. Not every business user has the same need or use for their computer. Some businesses require greater visual output for video processing or editing; other businesses might require studio quality sound; while others might require advanced 3D modelling power. Most computers you will buy from a Retail Store has already been preconfigured with only the basic components - without satisfying your real needs. So why settle for an off the shelf, basic computer when we can build any computer with any configuration you could dream of!?
We have been building custom computer rigs for over 20 years! We know every nuance of every component that makes a computer work its best. Together we can confirm your primary business computer needs vs. your 'nice-to-haves' and then custom build the right computer for your business user within any budget.
Need only 1 computer, or 100? We can build them all to the exact same specification, ensuring consistency throughout your IT System Infrastructure (a key element to ensuring all computers are maintained and updated accurately).

Got a problem with your computer and don't know why? We can diagnose your problems with a simple explanation of the symptom. We have the complete skill set to troubleshoot any issue, and provide a clear and meaningful resolution to the issue. Like a great Doctor that you know and trust, who provides you with the right prescription to get you back to feeling better and back to work, we provide your technology with the right fix, that will last; minimizing downtime and getting your entire office back to work.

Hate Spam? Fear Viruses? Is unsolicited email plugging up your inbox? Have you ever considered how much time you spend cleaning up and decluttering your inbox from unwanted emails on a daily basis? Now multiple that by months, and then again by the number of staff you employ. You'll see that Spam is more than an annoyance, it's a time and productivity suck. And most spam contains nothing but viruses or attempts to phish for your private information. We can implement a proper hosted email solution that diminishes these messaging risks before they reach your inbox, all the while reducing the amount of time you spend cleaning up your mail. Who doesn't want more time, instead of more mail?.

Buying a computer, a printer or a server is like learning how to speak a new language. Not sure how many gigabytes you need? Still trying to figure out what is the best “megatransfer” per second? Or how many DDR SDRAM DIMMs of memory is necessary? And once you've figured that out, comes the really difficult questions: How many systems do you need to support your business? How big should your server be? What kind of network makes the most sense for your employee count? We can translate the complicated world of technology into words and products you understand. And once we've had a chance to better assess your needs, we can even purchase the best products available within your budget, letting you continue with speaking the language of your business.

Infrastructure is anything that supports the flow and processing of information, i.e. server, storage, network, routers etc. Essentially everything that comprises of your IT system. The way your system is set up has implications on how your business will function. For example, your infrastructure set up determines how quickly information can be saved, shared and accessed by your employees and clients. It also determines how reliable your Internet access is, and how much storage space is available for client data. Have you been wondering why your Internet is slow in the mornings, or why your Voice Over IP Phone (VOIP) stutters? The more effective your infrastructure set up is, the more efficient your company runs. We design IT Infrastructure according to what is best suited for each Company we work with. Just like your Computer, you network is a custom build that makes the most sense for your business needs now and in the future.

These days, the question is not whether you are backing up your data, but rather, Where you are backing up your data. Memory Keys and on-site manual back up devices are definitely options, but poorly implemented and rarely evaluated. We strongly discourage backing up your data manually or passing the responsibility on to your office staff. As part of an effective Disaster Recovery Strategy, the only way to ensure that your Data is secure in the event of loss - be it through deletion, corruption, virus, natural disaster - is to keep it off site and continuously backing up on a regular and consistent basis. Our live, off site back-up solution ensures all your information is continually saved, by the hour, and stored in a back up drive that is located as far away from your office as feasibly possible. Keep the back-up drive in your home, at your cottage, or at your lawyers office, all the while knowing (through daily reports, e-mailed directly to you) that your most valuable business asset: your Client and Company information, is up to date, secure - and most importantly - retrievable at any time!

We all love the Internet, and these days, rely on it for everything. We do so to the point that we are willing to accept that it is not always reliable and outages or service interruptions are just par for the course. But when an outage causes a delay in your business operations, it 's difficult to accept and accounts for lost revenues and wasted precious time. Through our Internet Redundancy service, we protect your Company from unnecessary downtime, and provide solutions that guarantee connectivity and enhanced service. In the event that your primary Internet connection experiences a disruption, the Internet traffic will be rerouted to your 'redundant' secondary link, so you're never without Internet. Simple as that.

Who ever thought we'd live in a world of hackers, electronic theft and technical intrusions? It's a reality of our changing World, and something that businesses everywhere have to become aware of and prepared for. We offer a wide range of security services and internal policies that can protect your entire Network, safeguarding internal applications, assets, company sensitive data, remote users and even clients. By securing your system up front, you mitigate major risks and reduce potential future costs and complexities. Not to mention a lot of stress.

Imagine receiving a fax from a client and having it automatically forwarded to your e-mail inbox? Meaning you can read it right away, from anywhere in the world without having to stand in front of a fax machine. With office automation, we can implement simple technologies that improve efficiency by making manual time and money consuming activities a thing of the past. See, technology can really make life easier!

The old adage of 'check it twice' couldn't be more important these days with the release of software, programs, websites, and applications into their productive state. Once it's 'out there' it's difficult to take it back. Glitches, breaks, and malfunctions can easily happen if that information was published too quickly or without the proper quality assurances. Our Release Management service helps your business to coordinate, facilitate, monitor and test the release of any and every internal and external program you provide to employees and/or clients, thereby ensuring quality products are easily accepted, understood and properly utilized by the intended audience.

A Router is your internal gateway to the Internet. It serves as the separation between your internal network (LAN) and the rest of the world (WAN). That said, not all routers are created equal, and buying the appropriate router for your needs is crucial to the security of your business. An improperly configured wireless router could expose your business computers and data to anyone that can see your wireless signal. Buying a router and just plugging it in is probably the worst thing you could do. The security features of routers must be aligned to the needs of the business so that resources can be shared (Printers, Files, Servers) but eavesdroppers are kept out. Haven't changed your wireless password in a while? Ever considered that your past Employees ‘may’ still have that password, allowing them access even when they no longer work for you? We can implement technologies that automatically rotate wireless passwords, provide firewalls and prevent eavesdropping.

Software is a living entity, often requiring updates and reconfigurations to ensure consistent and accurate functionality. A quick audit of your software can tell us a lot about your systems. Need a newer software version, a better software product, or a software patch installed? We can easily fix and upgrade all your software programs to get your system up and running as if it was purchased yesterday.

A solid state drive (SSD) is the newest technology in data storage, and possibly one of the best upgrades you can do to your computer. Compared to the now 'old school' spinning Disk Drives, SSDs are more durable as they have no moving parts and so cannot break. They perform faster (100 times greater performance with almost instantaneous data access and boot ups) and they consume less power (their energy efficiency also delivers longer battery life in notebooks). Just this simple upgrade alone can boost the functionality of your current computer system and save you thousands of dollars. Who said technology had to be complicated or expensive?

Protect your office, your employees, and yourself with an Internet-based surveillance system: The most secure, the most flexible and the most cost-effective option available. We design complete system set-ups including discreet networked surveillance cameras that record video footage, which is distributed as live streaming or still images into a standard Web browser. That way the video can be viewed in real time, or recorded digitally and stored for playback at a later time. As long as you have an Internet connection, you always have your eyes on your business.

Work from home. From your car. From your cottage. When you set up virtual private networking, you can access your office from wherever you are - all the while increasing your productivity. Interact with your actual office desktop, access all your client files, or send a document to print instantaneously at the office, in a safe and secure networked environment. Log into your secure VPN for an inexpensive, reliable connection, or take your office with you on your smart phone for a true mobile experience. Everything you would do in your office, you can now do from anywhere.

When a potential client tries to find a product or service you sell, they turn to the Internet and search for the right businesses. If you don't have an effective web presence, nobody will ever find you. We can help you get found! Our web hosting services provide you with a domain name of your choice and online storage to host your website. Then set it and forget it! We'll continue to manage, monitor and maintain the success of your website . We'll even provide analytic reports on how many people have visited your site, and how long they stayed, allowing you to make better decisions about the content you put up for the world to see.